January 13, 2021 4 min read

It is a pleasure to turn the page to a new fresh year and a new fresh ski season with a fresh new pair of ski boots - and we're talking about the heated variety here! For skiers, the shift of the seasons brings a return to a joyous playful activity that feels comforting and familiar, like a game, but also freeing and unrestricted, particularly in these present times.

Even though, skiing is an ideal pandemic pursuit, now that we've moved a bit out of socially distanced times skiing still presents one of the best ways to spend a winter day. When it comes to hitting the slopes this year why let antiquated gear burst your bubble?

Enter: the heated ski boot. 2023’s technological answer to cold feet is here so nothing can slow you down when hitting the slopes. Heated ski boots are your new best friend. Whether you’re an advanced skier who wants to embrace this toasty technology to a beginner who wants to get in the ski game in style, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ve paired all of our favorites with a Pure Athlete performance ski sock  so you know just what to get to accompany your newest heated ski boot. 

Our team has scoured the internet for the best heated ski boots with a warming system and have grouped them by gender. There are a few criteria we looked at when considering the current favorite heated ski boots on the market right now. Our top considerations include: size, flex (how rigid or flexible the boot construction is), heating components, and differences in construction due to gender. Read on to find out which heated ski boots you should be considering and see what Pure Athlete performance ski sock pairings we made for them.

What is Flex?

Flex is an important factor to consider when choosing ski boots of any kind, even heated ski boots. The Flex is the term that refers to how rigid or bendable the boot is. Flex is measured via number grade on a scale from 60 to 150. Generally, the more advanced the skier, the higher the Flex should be for your heated ski boot. See the guide below for some reference:

Flex Index For Men:

  • Beginner level: 60 – 90

  • Intermediate level: 90 – 110

  • Advanced level: 110+

  • High-level competitors: 140 – 150

Flex Index For Women:

  • Beginner level: 60 – 70

  • Intermediate level: 70 – 90

  • Advanced level: 90+

  • High-level competitors: 140 – 150


Our Picks: Women’s Boots

Image Courtesy Rossignol 

1. Women’s Pick: Rossignol Pure Heat Women’s On Piste Heated Ski Boots

Why we picked this:  This performance boot has a heated liner with three heat settings and a sturdy shell that will keep you comfortable all day on the slopes. Rossignol also has a special design for this heated ski boot, made exclusively for women to provide extra comfort and support. 

Company: Rossignol

Flex #: 70

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's Women's Wool Lightweight Sock 



Image Courtesy REI

2. Women’s Pick: Salomon Women’s X-Pro Custom Heat

Why we picked this:  This heated ski boot is made for skilled skiers who appreciate comfort. The boot features a range of heat settings and can provide up to 18 hours of warmth for the user. Top level technology and design makes this heated ski boot one of the best and ideal for advanced skiers.

Company: Salomon

Flex #: 90

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's Women's Wool Lightweight Sock 


Image Courtesy Alpina

3. Women’s Pick: Alpina Ruby 65

Why we picked this:  This ones for all of you beginners out there who want to start their ski career in the cosiest fashion. These heated ski boots come with 3 heat levels that are adjustable by button. The boots are roomy enough that beginners feel comfortable and can adjust them easily.

Company: Alpina 

Flex #: 65

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's Women's Wool Lightweight Sock 


Image Courtesy EVO


Our Picks: Heated Ski Boots For Men

1. Men’s Pick: Salomon S-Pro 120 Custom Heat 

Why we picked this:  Salomon is one of the names of the game for quality performance and durability. This heated ski boot features a high flex that’s perfect for advanced skiers. They also have 3 heat settings for adjustment and the battery will provide up to 18 hours of warmth for hitting the slopes all day.

Company: Salomon

Flex #:120

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's High Performance Wool Ski Sock 


Image Courtesy Nordica

2. Men’s Pick: Nordica HF Elite Heat  

Why we picked this:  This boot is one of the highest quality and most technologically advanced heated ski boots on the market. It was built in heating elements that can be adjusted with your smartphone. Nordica seems to have thought of everything here. They even designed a rear buckle that can be easily opened with your other foot or a ski pole. Genius!

Company: Nordica

Flex #:110

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's High Performance Wool Ski Sock 


Image Courtesy Rossignol


3. Men’s Pick: Rossignol AllSpead Pro Heat Men’s Comfort

Why we picked this:  Like the previous heated ski boot, the Rossignol AllSpead heating system can be controlled via Bluetooth or smartphone. It also features excellent toe warmers and a simple four-buckle overlap shell for fantastic performance on the slopes.

Company: Rossignol

Flex #:110

Pair it with the below: Pure Athlete's High Performance Wool Ski Sock