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  • January 18, 2021 3 min read

    What happens if you sleep with socks on? Good things, according to science...

    After a long day of hitting the slopes, running to the limit, or pushing hard in the gym, it can be hard to turn off, shut down, and tune out. If you find your mind racing with thoughts and plans for the next day, one simple trick may be able to help you calm down and drift away. Turns out, a cure for sleeplessness could just be wearing your favorite pair of  thermal sleep socks and when it comes to finding the best socks to keep feet warm, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to cold feet. 

    Cold feet? Trouble sleeping? Using thermal sleep socks to keep warm is the answer.

    There is definitely a connection between feeling cozy and getting a great night’s rest. Thermal sleep socks for cold feet may be the cure. Warming your feet before bedtime can cause vasodilation. According to  Sleep.org, “vasodilation—dilation of the blood vessels—which may tell  the brain that it is bedtime. After the blood vessels open in the hands and feet, heat is redistributed throughout the body to prepare for sleep.” It’s not just an urban legend that warming feet with warm  sleep socks can help you get rest.

    What happens to your body when you sleep with socks on?

    Now that we know that there are benefits to sleeping with thermal sleep socks on, let’s delve further in why? What happens if you sleep with socks on? Is it beneficial? To find the answer, it’s all about temperature. Humans have a self regulating temperature system and our system works to maintain our 98.6 degree internal stasis. However, body temperature while sleeping tends to drop, assuring that the temperature in your extremities (cold feet!) can become too low. Helping to maintain the ideal temperature while you are sleeping can help you get more consistent rest. And where to get the best socks to keep feet warm to maintain your ideal temperature? Right  here

    What are the benefits to sleeping with socks on?

    Issues falling or staying asleep because of cold feet or lack of warmth can result in accumulation of a “sleep debt.” This means that you are losing valuable rest that can affect your daytime mood, productivity, and alertness as inadequate sleep continues over time. According to the  National Institute of Health: “ When daily sleep time is less than an individual needs, a “sleep debt” develops. Even relatively modest daily reductions in sleep time (for example, one hour) can accumulate across days to cause a sleep debt. If the debt becomes too great, it can lead to problem sleepiness. Although the individual may not realize his or her sleepiness, the sleep debt can have powerful effects on daytime performance, thinking, and mood.” Using thermal sleep socks for cold feet can help with a myriad of sleep issues, and even residual issues from poor sleeping patterns. 

    Additionally, the powerful temperature regulating effects of warming feet and staving off cold feet, also known as  thermoregulation, can help the quality of sleep immensely. According to  Healthline “Socks made of natural soft fibers such as  merino wool or cashmere are best” for thermoregulation. “They usually cost more than cotton or artificial fiber socks, but they are well worth the extra money.” Investing in the right fiber blend and best socks to keep feet warm is the perfect solution to sleep issues and cold feet.

    Shop our  Thermal Merino Wool Sleeping Sock.

    Why Our Sleep Socks? 

    There are quite a few reasons why our  thermal sleep socks are ideal for helping with sleep issues and the best socks to keep feet warm. Our sleep socks are comfortable, made of an ultra-soft blend of yarns to remain durable and warm. Importantly, our thermal sleep socks are lightweight and will help to maintain temperature while not causing excessive heat retention or sweating. Not only are they the best socks to keep feet warm, but also best for making sure your feet aren’t too warm. As recommended, our thermal sleep socks feature a wool blend, perfectly developed with hydrophobic properties that repel moisture, without the itch. This property means that the socks can be worn all day or night without perspiration or odor buildup. The other component of our fiber blend is tencel. Tencel is ultra soft on skin and is breathable and absorbent. Tencel also assists with maintaining the shape of the sock without shrinking of wrinkling. Our thermal sleep socks are the perfect sleep socks for cold feet and the best socks to keep feet warm. Our thermal sleep socks are designed to prevent irritation and keep you comfortable.