January 27, 2021 3 min read

Out of all of the gear, clothing, and accoutrement, ski socks could be the last thing you’re thinking of when preparing yourself (and your kids) for your upcoming ski trip. However, choosing the  best kids ski socks is an important consideration. Ensuring that your child has the best gear (including the best kids ski socks) will ensure they have a lot more fun on the slopes.


Why Selecting the Best Ski Socks for Kids Is Important

While tackling days on the slopes, comfort is king. It’s important to have the best socks, because skiing deals a lot with how your feet are feeling and reacting to the activity of skiing throughout the day. Especially for kids, having socks that put comfort first is certainly a priority. Choosing the best kids ski socks involves considering stretch, warmth, moisture reduction, and durability. Also major considerations when it comes to selecting the best kids ski socks for your children include anti-odor properties and designs that appeal to your child’s unique and specific style. We all know that  wearing clothes that help you feel your best will assist with performance in things like career, success, and athletic performance. But this same psychology applies to kids too. Children are often happier when they  have several choices of items to wear and they appreciate the pieces they are able to pick out. This can apply even to socks!


Which Socks to Choose

As discussed before, material can be one of the most crucial components of selecting ski socks. When selecting the best kids ski socks, this is certainly the case as well. Different blends of materials can have different effects on how the sock performs and how the sock feels to the wearer. Our socks are made with Merino Wool, which has many benefits including its lightweight comfort and moisture wicking nature- meaning it moves moisture to the outside surface, keeping feet dry yet cozy. Other added fibers will help with durability and stretch. Spandex and Lycra are also added to the socks to allow the socks to shape nicely to the wearer. The perfect blend of carefully selected fibers is what makes the best kids ski socks… well… the best!


Our Choices

For The Up-And-Coming Athlete: Pure Athlete Kids Merino Wool Youth Ski Socks

Designed to fit children and utilize the best combination of23% Merino Wool, 16% Polypropylene, 58% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex. Comfort and performance reign supreme in this lightweight sporty kids ski sock. Named one of the best kids ski socks of 2020 and 2021 bySnowsunsee. Moisture wicking technology ensures your socks don’t get heavy with perspiration or wet from snow. In this sock, feet feel great all day while skiing. Shop it here.



For The Kid Who Wants a Sock That'll Get the Job Done: Pure Athlete Kids Value Core Ski Sock

Our only sock on the list that doesn't have Merino Wool, this sock definitely does the trick, and a proprietary blend of fibers gives it the same amazing properties and benefits you expect. Made of 50% Cotton, 30% Acrylic, 17% Polyester, 3% Spandex. The Value Core Sock is the one you're looking for when you want all the benefits, and a more value price tag. Still the one of the best kids ski socks out there. Shop it here



For The Kid Who Loves Comfort with a Sporty Flair: Pure Athlete Kids Elite Wool Ski Socks

This sock has a winning combination of42% Nylon, 32% Wool, 21% Polypropylene, 5% Spandex. Again, the infusion of merino wool here helps the socks stay dry and comfortable all day. Lightweight and warm, these socks are designed for children and utilize an elastic support to ensure the socks don’t slide down during skiing. Still with a sporty design and neon elements, this is the same performance you’d expect, with an eye-catching design. Shop it here.


For The Preppy Winter Fashionista: Pure Athlete Kids Holiday Sweater Themed Ski Socks

With a slightly different style and composition, with6% spandex, this sock is a little bit heavier than our other choices, as it’s medium weight. With the same moisture-wicking properties from the Merino Wool, these socks have similar heat and comfort benefits to our other best-sellers. A nostalgic sweater design is cute and classic for any child looking for some extra style on the slopes. Shop it here.



For The Kid That's Classic and Cool: Pure Athlete Kids Geo Stripe Ski Sock

Like the last sock on our list, this sock is a medium-weight style, so it features a touch more warmth and helps retain heat. The medium thickness ensure s a perfect fit in a kids ski boot. Again, the Merino wool helps with anti-odor and moisture-wicking benefits and keeps feet feeling dry on the slopes. Shop it here