Technical Thigh Compression Sleeve

Size Guide
Black - 2 Pack


Does your hamstring and thigh hurt? Suffer from pains or strains?

But still offers the best level of compression and support for your thigh?

The Pure Athlete Technical Thigh Compression Sleeve is designed for you!

What are the benefits of the Pure Compression Thigh Sleeve?

- Decrease Muscle Vibration
- Supports thighs with a snug fit without restricting range of motion

- Alleviate thigh cramping and pain
- Improved muscle recovery post workout with the thigh sleeve
- Moisture wicking, anti-odor, soft material
- Seamless design allows for superior comfort with no chafing or irritation
- Use with hard thigh or quad brace / support for additional support and comfort

What is the thigh sleeve good for?

- Basketball
- Tennis
- Golf
- Running
- Walking
- Obstacle Course Racing
- Volleyball
- Soccer
- Cross Country
- Working Out / Gym
- Anyone looking for superior comfort while playing their sport!

  • Relieve Quad and Hamstring Pain: The thigh sleeve will provide compression to the upper leg. The targeted compression applied by the sleeve will increase circulation which will reduce swelling and soreness in the muscle. The thigh support will bring relief and decrease the chance of injury allowing you to continue with your activity.
  • Use During Any Activity: The Pure Athlete thigh sleeve allows for a full range of motion. It will not restrict your movement which makes it perfect for any activity, including running, basketball, cycling, soccer, basketball, and football.
  • Lightweight and Stays In Place: The hamstring compression sleeve has a silicone gripper to ensure it does not slip or slide down legs. The non slip fit and lightweight material makes it perfect for all day use and ultimate comfort.
  • Moisture Wicking and Anti-Odor Fabric: Made of special nylon blends, the thigh support is moisture-wicking and anti-odor. These properties help to prevent odor from forming and keeps the legs feeling fresh at all times. Moisture wicking technology ensures your thigh will not become heavy with perspiration.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason the compression thigh sleeve doesn't perform as should, simply contact us for a replacement or a refund.

Measure the circumference of thigh at the widest point with the muscle relaxed:

Small: 17" - 19"

Medium: 19.5" - 23"

Large: 23.5" - 25.5"