Snowflake Kids Ski Socks

Grey/Blue - 1 Pair
Grey/Blue - 3 Pairs
Grey/Hot Pink - 1 Pair
Grey/Hot Pink - 3 Pairs

Are you looking for the best, most comfortable ski socks for boys and girls?

Do you want a pair of ski socks that will keep your child’s feet warm and comfortable all day while skiing?

Then the Pure Athlete Children’s Snowflake Ski Socks are for you!

Who is Pure Athlete?

At Pure Athlete, we are the manufactures of the bestselling ski socks for adults and children on Amazon. We have spent countless years perfecting our technology to provide an advanced ski sock that fits comfortably while offering superior performance.

Our Snowflake Ski Socks have a stylish design. Made with a unique merino wool bend, the ski socks are moisture wicking, meaning they prevent the buildup of perspiration. The merino wool is non-itch and ultra-soft, allowing the socks to be worn all day long while skiing. They are also anti-odor.

Made with light cushioning, the socks are a midweight ski sock – designed to provide superior warmth with effecting the fit of your ski boots.

The junior ski socks are not just for skiing or snowboarding. They are able to be used for a variety of winter outdoor activities including ice skating, camping, snow sports, cold weather, trekking, hiking, and more.

Promotional Pricing - these ski socks are being offered at very low promotional pricing for a short time. The price will be raised soon once our promo stock runs out. Take advantage today of the special. There is no risk thanks to our 100% money back guarantee!

  • Merino Wool: Each pair of ski socks is made with a merino wool blend to keep kids feet warm. It also helps to keep feet dry while skiing thanks to the moisture wicking properties of merino wool. Made of 55% Nylon / 22% Merino Wool / 14% Polypropylene / 9% Spandex
  • Midweight Thickness: The ski socks are midweight thickness to provide the optimal blend of warmth without effecting the fit of childrens ski or snowboard boots.
  • Cushioned for Comfort: Throughout the ski socks, light cushioning is provided to help provide superior comfort when using ski boots.
  • Ski Socks Stay Up: Our special no-slip cuff at the top of the ski socks prevents the socks from slipping or sliding into ski boots.
  • Designed for Children: The ski socks are designed to fit children. Kids XS/S: size 7-11.5 | S/M: 12-4

Size Chart:

NOTE THAT THESE ARE CHILDRENS SOCKS. We also have a matching adult version in our Store.

XS/S: 7-11.5