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  • August 19, 2021 5 min read

    Whether you're a tight end or a receiver, the right pair of football gloves are a necessary piece of equipment to enhance your football playing experience and ensure your game is at its peak.  Sports Warrior 365 gave a succinct and accurate description of why football gloves are so necessary for football players:  “Football gloves are a great option for the following reasons; they help during the cold, they keep your hands from suffering from sweat, they help the wear and tear on players’ hands, they look good, and they have great grip.” And this is exactly correct, protection and enhancement are the two main reasons why players need to have some receiver gloves in their gear kit to perform and play well. However,  there has been some debate about the use of football gloves in game play, but there’s no question, gloves enhance a player’s ability to play. Tim Brown, a Hall of Fame receiver was  quoted in a 2015  LA Times’ writeup about Receiver gloves role in the industry, stating: “But you can’t make that play without those kind of gloves.” meaning sticky receiver gloves. “It’s just impossible.” 

    Choosing the right pair of gloves can be tricky as there are a myriad of different options out there and a variety of features to each style and design. A football glove is called “sticky” when it has a sticky plasticized portion or features on the gloves. This “sticky” feature helps with grip as it enhances the user’s ability to catch, grip, throw, and manage slippage of the ball when catching in sweaty conditions or in adverse weather conditions like rain and heat. Sticky receiver gloves are nothing new,  The Stadium Reviews acknowledges in their study on sticky football gloves “According to the NY Times, the sticky glove was developed by a Canadian Wide Receiver in 1999. The stickiness was 20% stickier than a human hand, which would change the game of football.

    Making sure you choose the football or receiver gloves with the best technology, including this “sticky” gripper technology will provide you with the benefits necessary to help boost your performance.  The Stadium Review echos this sentiment, saying “For Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, especially, having a grip that can catch more passes from a quarterback is critical.” So if you are asking yourself the question, "Which sticky football receiver gloves are the best for me?” - we’ve got your answer! Or, at least, a guide on why Pure Athlete’s Receiver Gloves have the technology and materials you need to succeed on the field. 

    By using sticky football receiver gloves not only will you benefit from their grip-enhancing components, but you will also be protected. Football is a sport usually played in the colders months of the years. During these months players can experience snow, rain and heavy winders while playing. Receiver gloves act a second skin layer for the players to protect their hands from harsh weather conditions. 

    Have you ever wondered "What materials make the best football receiver gloves for players?" We’ve got your answer!

    The Best Materials for the Right Football Receiver Gloves

    Most of the football gloves on the market are made out of either leather or synthetic materials or synthetic leather. Which material is best for you? See our guide to materials for gloves below!


    Genuine Leather vs Synthetic Materials or Synthetic Leather

    There are benefits to both genuine leather and synthetic materials for your receiver gloves. While leather gloves can last a long time, improvements in synthetic material technology can allow for the lifespan of gloves constructed from synthetic components to be just as long-lasting.  Synthetic materials are engineered for performance and the presence of sticky features around the gloves can be important and helpful to success. Sticky materials on the palm of the glove are an important part of what you should be considering when deciding on your ideal pair of receiver gloves. Both leather and synthetic materials can provide ideal breathability and durability, but often leather gloves don’t have as much stick for enhanced catching, better grip, and better performance all around. 

    Why Is Sticky Construction on Your Football Glove So Important?

    Why is it so important to have a glove that has ‘sticky’ components? It’s essential because of exactly what it provides- stickiness! When throwing, playing, tumbling, and catching, you want the ball to stick into your hands, ensuring that completed pass or touchdown. The sticky elements of receiver gloves are the most important technology to ensure that you have everything in your arsenal to play your best and stick those catches. These sticky components are not only soft yet durable and flexible for your palms, but unequivocally provide a better grip on the ball with the increased tackiness of the sticky surface. This provides enhanced palm grip, enhanced grip around the fingers and the thumb as well. Elite-stick silicone gripping technology helps football receivers to better catch footballs with ease. No more dropped passes. An extremely sticky grip that extends over the entirety of the palm’s surface is what you would want to look for as a primary feature in receiver gloves. 

    What Other Elements Are Important In Receiver Gloves 

     Flexibility/Softness - Obviously you want a durable glove that’s going to hold up to rigorous game play, but flexibility is important to move and play with ease. 

    Breathability - During game play ventilation and breathability are important. Look for gloves with strategically placed mesh paneling as well as ventilation holes on the back of the glove or on the fingers as well. Strategic elements like this allow for superior breathability, keeping your hands at the perfect temperature.

    Second Skin Fit - Fit is important so the gloves function as an asset. Elements such as 2-way stretch fabric can help for a perfect second-skin fit. The gloves closely hug your hand. An adjustable wrist closure provides extra support.

    All Weather Design - Look for gloves that are designed to help you play like a pro in all weather conditions. Whether rain, snow, or a cool Fall day, you want receiver gloves that will help you perform at your best and play like a pro. As explained by   VIQtory Football Education November and December are common months for football games and having a love will “act as another layer of skin when the cold weather approaches” and “will help prevent hands from the winds.”  

    Consider Your Playing Position & Remember These 

    While finding receiver gloves with the right materials results in a better football game, you should also consider buying your gloves based on your playing position. There are a  myriad of glove options for other football playing positions such as linemen, as well.  As a receiver, you need gloves that are made just for you and your unique needs as a player.  VIQtory Football Education explains more: “Football gloves worn by wide receivers are to help improve traction and catching ability. High school, college, and NFL players wear football gloves to help them secure the football once it hits their hands.” So don’t just take it from us, the industry backs this up! Your gloves need to have all of the elements mentioned above: sticky features, breathability, softness, durability, and more.

    Read a bit about how Odell Beckham Jr. Made “That” Catch Using Sticky Receiver Gloves


    Try Out The Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves - Shop HERE

    And, of course, now that you know what the best of the best receiver gloves look like, we’ve got you covered with Pure Athlete’s Football Receiver Gloves! Our receiver gloves are made using the best technology, durable materials and, of course, the stickiest features to ensure you catch every single pass. Shop the Football Receiver Gloves below and get the purest performance in every game!