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  • October 08, 2021 3 min read


    It’s more than a trend or a fad, a thigh compression sleeve can provide you with massive health benefits backed up by science. Want to know why? We have worked out 5 reasons that a thigh sleeve can benefit you, from workouts to recovery and everything in between! 

    You may have seen professional athletes wearing compression thigh sleeves or braces and wondered why. Often basketball players, football players, and professional runners utilize thigh sleeves for their immense benefits. These benefits revolve around improving performance, recovery, and overall health.

    To understand why compression is so important, is to understand how it works. This begins with the circulatory system. Blood flows to muscles after being pumped by arteries and veins, then that blood provides oxygen and nutrients, and then it is taken back to the heart to be re-oxygenated and again and again.

    By exercising in and using thigh sleeves, athletes can have a better performance thanks to the gentle, graduated pressure added to their calves by this piece of equipment. Read on to see the five reasons you should be wearing a thigh sleeve and how they can help you!

    1.          Boost Your Circulation 

    For the muscles to function properly, they need to get more oxygenated blood from the heart, as discussed before in the circulatory system crash course! Research has shown that, compression in general helps to dilate the vessels and bring more oxygenated blood to an area! This also occurs when using compression in a product like a thigh sleeve. When athletes wear leg compression sleeves, their muscles get more blood flow from the heart as the thigh sleeves make the walls of their arteries dilate

    1.         Improve Performance 

    In addition to that, wearing a thigh sleeve can lead to better performance during exercises. Wearing compression garments can support your muscles and reduce the amount of muscular vibration caused by the exercises. This can help keep your muscles from growing tired/fatigued too soon and thus improve your endurance. 

    1.         Have a Faster Muscle Recovery 

    Exercising or rigorous workouts can result in pain, possible injury or soreness. For example, you may feel muscle pain right after exercising or in the days beyond activity as muscles adjust and gain. The pain may occur as a result of lactic acid and other waste products produced during the workout. But thigh sleeves and compressive devices can help. This piece of equipment not only helps you recover faster and more comfortably, but it also reduces inflammation and prevents the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles.  

    1.         Reduce Swelling 

    Wearing a thigh sleeve can help treat health conditions such as muscle cramps, shin splints, and tendinitis. You may experience swelling when your leg is injured or any of these conditions, but a thigh sleeve can also assist with swelling.

    1.         Prevent Future Injuries 

    While leg compression won't treat your injury, it can help reduce the pain, especially when your thigh sleeve supports the injured area. You can also prevent future injuries and subsequent damage with the support of a thigh brace or sleeve. A sleeve can also boost your performance with graduated compression thigh sleeves that support and strengthen your muscles and providing protection for your leg.  

    The Right Thigh Sleeve for You

    At Pure Athlete we have several thigh sleeves to meet you needs and to help you in your workout and recovery. Our sleeves and braces were engineered and created with athletes in mind not just to protect your legs during your workout but also to strengthen them for endurance, so that you can make the most of your exercises, or workouts, and reach all of your goals!


    Shop our Thigh Compression Sleeve and our Technical Thigh Compression Sleeve