March 26, 2021 2 min read

When it comes to weightlifting and building muscle, gaining any advantage is key to performing better and making those gains. An important thing to remember when weight training is there is immense strain on muscles while they are building, gaining mass, and being pushed to the limit. Muscles can get worn out and pushed to the brink, but with proper nutrition, management, rest, and support the muscles become stronger and more powerful. We all know that compression can help with many workout and active routines, such as running. But did you know compression can greatly assist in weight training, as well? Read on for several crucial ways that getting the benefits of compression can also assist in weight training. This includes cutting down on some of the downsides and recovering more effectively.


1. Reducing Joint Pain & Soreness

Soreness is a problem when weight training, no matter what. Building is a process where the muscles are reaching a new equilibrium threshold. In addition to other things that help with recovery and soreness, like drinking water, warming up properly, and stretching, the benefits of increased circulation from compression can help cut down on the soreness and lead to getting moving again sooner. Of course, compression items can't replace the habit of giving exhausted muscle groups proper time to recover, but it can certainly assist in reducing the inflammation that's often associated with weight training in the muscles and joints. 


2. Providing Support

Compression can help control the muscles as they are under strain, providing much needed support and guidance for muscles that are being built. Compressing the muscle helps to stabilize not only the muscles, but also the skeletal system underneath it. This stabilization helps reduce the possibility of shaking, and potential injury. 


3. Protection & Thermoregulation

People don't often think about the protective aspects that compression socks and leg sleeves can provide during weight lifting. Certainly these items aren't going to help if you drop a weight on your foot, but having a barrier to abrasions from weight bars and keeping your extremities warm can help with blood flow. thermoregulation and keeping your muscles warm can actually help you make that next rep and push even further. 


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