Lightweight Original Ski Socks

Size Guide
Black/Blue - 1 Pair
Black/Blue - 3 Pairs
Black/Grey -1 Pair
Black/Grey - 3 Pairs
Blue / Silver -1 Pair
Blue/Silver - 3 Pairs
Blue/Silver - 6 Pairs
Black/Grey - 6 Pairs
Black/Neon Green -1 Pair
Silver/Grey - 3 Pairs
Black/Orange -1 Pair
Silver/Grey -1 Pair
Black/Neon Pink -1 Pair
Black/Orange - 3 Pairs
Black/Neon Pink - 3 Pairs
Black/Neon Pink - 6 Pairs
Black/Neon Green - 3 Pairs
Black/Grey (3) + Black/Neon Green (3) - 6 Pairs
Black/Grey (3) + Blue/Silver (3) - 6 Pairs
Black-Grey/Orange-Black/Blue-Silver - 3 Pairs
Black/Orange (3) + Blue/Silver (3) - 6 Pairs
Silver/Grey (3) + Black/Neon Pink (3) - 6 Pairs
White (1) + Neon Pink (1) + Blue/Silver (1) - 3 Pairs
Black/Blue -1 Pair

The over the calf (OTC) lightweight Pure Athlete Ski Socks utilize advanced merino wool to help keep feet warm while skiing or snowboarding. The socks are engineered to provide thermal regulating properties to keep feet warm without overheating. The ski socks are ultra-soft, to ensure there is no irritation while skiing. The anti-odor and moisture wicking properties prevent the buildup stink and perspiration.

The knee high ski socks are made of 23% Merino Wool 16% Polypropylene 58% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex. The ski / snowboard socks feature a light cuff at the top of the sock to prevent it from slipping or sliding into socks. There is also light padding in the key areas to help prevent shin bang. The ski socks can be used not only for skiing, but they are also great for all winter and outdoor activities, including ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, camping, trekking, or any cold weather activity.

  • 3% spandex
  • Lightweight Material: Not too thick, the light material allows the ski socks to fit comfortably in ski boots without altering the fit.
  • Soft and Comfortable Material: The ski socks feel great against the ski while skiing thanks to the highest quality yarn we use. They feature an ultra-comfortable sole and feel great in ski boots.
  • Merino Wool to Prevent Odor: Anti-odor properties help to prevent bacteria from forming in the ski socks, keeping feet feeling fresh. Moisture wicking technology ensures your socks don’t get heavy with perspiration or wet from snow. Feet feel great all day while skiing.
  • Thermal Regulating: Made of advanced special yarn, the ski socks provide superior warmth by provide thermal regulation to your feet, keeping heat in and cold out. Made of 23% Merino Wool 16% Polypropylene 58% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: At Pure Athlete we know we make the best ski socks and stand behind our products 100%. If at any point the ski socks don't live up to expectations, simply email us and we will either refund you or send you out a replacement. It is that simple.
  based on US shoe size
  Men Women
S/M 6-9 6-10
L/XL 9.5-13 10.15-14