IT Band Strap for Knee

  • Do you suffer from Iliotibial Band Syndrome and are looking for something to help with your ITB pain?

    Are you an avid runner and pain in your IT Band keeping you from enjoying your favorite sport?

    If so, the Pure Compression IT Band is designed for you! The IT Band utilizes advanced compression technology feature a dual padded zone that applies support precisely where you need it most. The innovative no-slip back on the IT band prevents it from slipping or sliding down. The adjustable strap helps to stabilize the knee. The neoprene material is sweat resistant, ensuring the strap stays light and dry even during your toughest run or workout.

    What can the IT Band Strap be used for?
    - Running
    - Tennis
    - Basketball
    - OCR / Obstacle Course Racing
    - Working Out / Gym / Fitness
    - Cross Training
    - Hiking
    - Sports
    - Anyone suffering from ITB syndrome or pain!

    • Helps with Knee Pain: A specially designed pad features dual zones that offer optimal compression to the Iliotibial band to help relieve knee pain.
    • Sweat Resistant: Made with neoprene, the IT band is sweat resistance, making it ideal to wear even during your toughest workouts. Made of 80% Neoprene/16% Nylon/2% Spandex/2% Rubber
    • No-slip: Unlike knee braces or IT bands that slip down during long runs, the Pure Compression IT Band features a special no-slip backing to prevent it from slipping or sliding.
    • Stabilizes Knee: The compression IT band strap fits snugly around the Iliotibial band to help stabilize the outside area of the knee.
    • Adjustable, Sold as a single unit: Each order is for ONE IT band and is backed by the Pure Compression Satisfaction Guarantee. The straps are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Sizing (measure thigh circumference at widest point with muscle relaxed):
    S/M: 16-20”
    L/XL: 20-24”

    Made of 80% Neoprene/16% Nylon/2% Spandex/2% Rubber. Each IT Band is backed by our Pure Compression Satisfaction Guarantee.