High Performance Wool Ski Socks

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  • The high performance ski socks feature an innovative blend of merino wool and polypropylene to wick moisture away while maintaining the the foots natural temperature to prevent feet from feeling too warm and dry while skiing. The socks fit comfortable under ski boots, with targeted cushioned areas to prevent blisters or discomfort. An elastic arch support prevents feet from feeling fatigued. An elastic top allows for the wool ski socks to be non slip and stay up all day while you are on the slopes. The High Performance Ski Socks are unisex and come in several different color options and packs. These ski socks may be purchased as a 3 pack. The thermal regulating feature of the socks make your feet stay at the perfect temperature throughout your day skiing or snowboarding.  Pure Athlete's High Performance ski socks were featured on GearJunkie's Best Ski Socks of 20201

    • Enhanced Warmth - innovative blend of merino wool and polypropylene wicks moisture away while maintaining the the foots natural temperature to prevent feet from feeling too warm
    • Key Comfort Areas - advanced knitting techniques provide cushioning in the shin, ankle, and the foot areas to ensure the ultimate comfort and prevent any discomfort when worn with ski boots
    • Ski Socks Stay Up: The wool ski socks feature an elastic at the top to prevent the ski socks from sliding down, ensuring the stay in place all day while you are on the slopes
    • Arch Support: An elastic arch support provides comfort and helps to reduce fatigue in the feet
    • Machine Washable: the high performance ski socks are made to last over many ski seasons. Made of 54% Nylon, 25% Merino Wool, 16% Polypropelene, 5% Spandex
  • (based on US shoe size):

    Small: US 5 - 8
    Medium: US 8.5 - 10.5
    Large: US 11 - up

    Small: US 6 - 9
    Medium: US 9.5 - 11.5
    Large: US 12 - up


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    Judy M.
    United States United States
    Best ski socks I've ever had!

    I bought one pair to try them out. I wore them skiing and they were super comfortable and worked well with my boots. Some ski socks that I have tried have actually make my ski boots hurt my shin, but these wonderful socks didn't. I was in total comfort all day long skiing in Whitefish. I washed them, and they were still great, so I order two more pair! I also love pink, and the combination of the grey and pink were fantastic--it doesn't make them function any better, but it does make me happy!

    Carly F.
    United States United States

    Mmmmmm I recently received these socks December 4, 2019 and started wearing them immediately! So far I love these socks and here’s why: I work outside in all seasons doing construction, fencing, and welding; sometimes a lot of walking, sometimes a lot of standing. I use two different styles of boots depending on wet weather or dry. During the warm wet weather, no problem, I wear compression socks in my Knee-High Boggs boots; they don’t fall down and my feet only get wet from sweating blahhh !! Next, during summer and warm dry weather, with my leather cowboy-boot-like hunting boots or my whites welding boots, I wear Knee-High compression liners and wool socks over the liner (even in sweltering heat). Sure the wool wicks away the sweat but the tightness of my shoe laces keeps the socks up to an extent, so not too much of a sagging problem there. Point is, I wanted to wear just one pair of wool socks that weren’t too thin or too thick that my feet get hot and of course that would stay up even with a lot of walking ++ and these socks do just that !! They don’t fall down and are not too hot!! And my feet didn’t get cold standing in once place either!! What's my physique? I’m 5’10 about 235 lbs and I have short legs LOL and I have fairly good sized calves (because I’m an active athlete) but not overly sized huge calves, so they fit just right, all the way up to the bottom of the knee but OMG not over the knee haha. I tested these socks out by walking many miles in both pairs of my boots wearing ONLY these socks . . . never once did they slide down nor did my feet get cold !! The biggest problem I have is when I wear my Muck or Boggs boots, even with my wool over-the-calf-knee-high socks, is that they always slide down. Then I am stuck with wearing very thin compression socks just so my socks will stay up and then my feet kind of get cold. Maybe sagging socks isn’t so much a problem for other people, but it is for me. Now I can slip on just one pair of socks, get dressed faster, then go to work or hunting and they will stay up the whole day and keep my feet perfectly warm :) In the end, these socks seem to be made to last, and again, not too thick or thin, or hot or tight either; they’re even marked L and R so you don’t get them mixed up haha !! Love em !! Highly recommend !!

    Brian S.
    United States United States
    Great for skiing and snowboarding

    I liked how thin and warm they were. I used them to ski twice already. When using with ski boots, you really don't want a sock to bunch up or be too thick as it will cause blisters. That was not the case with these socks. These socks were all around perfect. I may even buy some more for my son and daughter who are starting to shred some snow with me too!

    United States United States
    Perfect sock for skiing or winter boots!

    These were the first ski socks I've purchased that kept my toes warm (I always have cold toes and usually use warmers) and stay tight (but not too tight) against my shin all day. I live in Colorado and ski about once or twice a week during season and these socks are absolutely perfect. I've ended up ordering more and wear them with my Sorels when the heavy stuff shows up.