Low Cut Wool Running Socks

Size Guide
Black/Grey - 1 Pair
Black/Grey - 3 Pairs
Black/Grey - 6 Pairs
Blue - 1 Pair
Blue - 3 Pairs
White - 1 Pair
White - 3 Pairs
White - 6 Pairs
Black/Grey + White + Blue - 3 Pairs
Hot Pink - 1 Pair
Hot Pink - 3 Pairs
Grey/Black - 1 Pair
Black/Grey (3) + White (3) - 6 Pairs

The low cut wool running socks feature next generation yarns to provide the most comfortable running sock available. The wool running socks are made of a blend of blend of merino wool, polypropylene, nylon, and spandex. The wool running socks are lightweight, blister resistant, and sweat wicking. Feet are kept dry thanks to advanced properties of the non-itch wool yarn. These wool running socks feature a special yarn that helps to ensure your feet stay at the optimal temperature. They have a low cut design which ensures a modern and sleek look with your favorite running shoes. The socks will keep your feet dry whether the weather becomes inclement or you even step in a puddle, the low cut wool running socks prevent feet from becoming wet or cold. They are the perfect sock for sports, fitness, yoga, cycling, tennis, hiking and even a great gift for a runner. These socks are designed with every athlete in mind. 


  • Premium Non-Itch Merino Wool: Our innovative wool blend features next generation yarns to provide the benefits of wool without feeling itchy, Made of 53% Merino Wool/36% Polypropelene/7% Nylon/4% Spandex. The wool in the Pure Athlete Running Sock has advanced hydrophobic properties that help to repel moisture. This means that if the weather becomes inclement or you step in a puddle, the low-show wool running socks will still feel great.
  • Running Socks Designed for Everyone: The Pure Athlete Wool Running Socks come in a variety of colors and sizes, so the entire family is able to enjoy premium wool running socks. Use for everything from trail running, marathons, or any sports. It is the perfect socks for children who are playing outdoors. See the size chart below or in the image to the left for sizing
  • Cushioned Anti-Blister Technology & Moisture Wicking: A cushioned heel and toe prevents blisters. A seamless toe prevents irritation. The moisture wicking properties wick away perspiration, keeping the merino wool running socks light and dry. Moisture Wicking technology prevents the buildup of stink.
  • Use in Summer & Winter: Discover why wool is the best material for running socks. No matter the time of the year, use the No-Show Pure Athlete Wool Running Socks for superior performance. The thermal regulating properties of wool keep your feet at the perfect temperature – whether using as a cold weather sock or summer running sock.

No-Show Wool Running Socks Sizing:

Small: US 5-8.5
Medium: US 9-11
Large: US 11.5 - up

Small: US 6 - 9
Medium: US 9.5 - 12
Large: US 12.5 - up