June 24, 2020 3 min read

According to the CDC, masks are essential in containing and slowing the spread of COVID-19 and are necessary for the safety of individuals and society. As the country begins to reopen and people return to their stores and offices, there is no doubt that effective masks will become a critical component of “normal” life. However, this does not limit individuals to one type of mask. In fact, these past few months have shown people’s incredible ability to adapt to global situations with the introduction of fashionable and comfortable masks fit for various occasions. They have become the most modern fashion accessory, allowing individuals to look and feel great, all while staying safe/healthy as they reenter society. 

While officials advise to save surgical and respiratory masks for healthcare workers, there are still many types of masks in the market right now for individuals to explore! Below are a few types of masks that are worth looking into. 

DIY Cloth Masks

DIY cloth masks are a fun and easy activity to do at home that allows people to get creative with their masks! A DIY face mask only requires a few materials: a bandana, tshirt, or any cloth material you may have lying around the house, a coffee filter or paper towel, and 2 rubber bands.

Once you have all your materials, fold your cloth in half and then fold the top down and the bottom up so it is one long rectangular strip. Place the rubber bands about 6 inches apart, fold the sides to the middle and then tuck them in. You now have a CDC approved cloth mask! Feel free to get creative with the materials and patterns you use. 

Cotton Reusable Masks

If you don’t feel like making your own mask at home, there are many companies now dedicated to designing and selling cotton masks that are both fashionable and reusable. These non-medical masks are a great way to respect CDC guidelines while staying in style as many fashion and apparel companies are offering various designs and fits. The majority of cotton masks in the market are double-layered with a filter and designed to be disinfected or washed after each wear to optimize safety. 

Performance/Other Material Masks

While cotton masks are great to protect individuals in scenarios where social distancing may be compromised, they are usually very thick and difficult to breathe in. If you find yourself short of breath, look into masks made of other materials as a substitute! Specifically, performance masks are made of more lightweight, breathable material that doesn’t cause buildup of moisture and bacteria. These masks provide a sleek modern look, but don’t compromise comfort and safety. 

If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish mask for all occasions, the Pure Athlete Face Mask does the job! Whether you are out for a run, browsing the grocery store, or returning to work in an office, the Pure Athlete Face Mask will keep you comfortable and protected. Made in the USA, this mask is made of special materials that provide antimicrobial benefits like the elimination of odor and bacteria growth. It is washable and reusable with multiple layers for added protection to your face, as well as overhead straps that don’t tug on your ears and cause further irritation. The Pure Athlete Face Mask is truly great for any occasion!